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June 1, 2011 / amivglobus

Bone Me

They say a hard man is good to find. Or something like that.

He takes me in his arms and I feel swell. {tee hee} And I love that his barometer {so to speak} is so easy to read. Although sometimes I wish it weren’t also his guidance system. Sometimes.

I remember we left the windows open all night. Sweet scents of spring mingled with the warm glow of candles. But those flames were not the hottest thing in the room. I was insatiable, but bless his heart he tried. Hard.

All the next day I could still feel him. My skin tingled. And when I shifted in my chair or crossed my legs it was as if he were still inside me. I nearly melted.

My neighbor got home from work the same time as I did. We waved from our respective driveways with a simple “Hi.” And I swear she winked. Maybe we need to keep our bedroom window closed when we get noisy. On the other hand, the neighbors haven’t complained.

I am getting hungry again, aching to feel rippling muscles, smell intermingled sweat {and other bodily fluids}. I will have him. I might be soft and sweet. But then again, I might be…


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