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September 23, 2010 / amivglobus

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I gave my sister a dildo for her thirteenth birthday. Why? Well, mostly because I was eighteen and you know how eighteen-year-olds know everything!? Here’s the way I justified it at the time: It was one of those realistic looking ones, scrotum and all. The illustrations in sex ed books are woefully inadequate in my opinion to prepare a girl for what one of those things looks like pointing at you in the dark attached to a heavily-breathing teen-age boy {or worse} the first couple times it happens. I wished that someone had given one to me when I was her age. Let’s face it, we all practiced kissing before we ever really kissed a boy. Isn’t it just as good an idea to practice holding, sucking, and straddling a cock? And fingers only go so far. {hee hee} So I gave it to her {in private, of course} and she was totally shocked. She didn’t even want to touch it or take it out of the box. But I totally understood. In fact, I pretty much expected that. I told her just to keep it. That someday soon she would probably want it after all.

And you know what? She did.

This is part one of a continuing series that I call The ABC Scandal.


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